Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Sharing My Carpenter!

I promised that I would share information about EXCELLENT craftsmen who I have used here in Ashe County. I have another one to share with the public, a master carpenter by the name of Rick Caine.

Rick did all the remodeling at my place from last summer through this past spring. He changed a bathroom out to a storage room, built a deck on the side of the house, remodeled an old summer kitchen and (broken down) storage area into my sleeping area with bathroom and closet (It's my "Cabin in the Woods."), and then remodeled another bedroom, middle room, and bathroon into a beautiful suite. This is not to mention the many other little projects Rick did along the way as we saw things that had to be done.

Rick is an honest and intersted master carpenter with some great ideas! He can be trusted to do a great job for you too.

Call Rick at 336-977-2112. You won't be disappointed!


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